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ROLLTECH A/S has been a supplier to the insulating glass industry for more than 30 years,

and has built up great experience and expertise in the field of warm edge spacers. This means that we are now world leaders in the sector, together with our parent company Alu-Pro.


We create value for our customers through:

  •  Customer service and short delivery times
  •  Spacer solutions of a consistently high quality
  •  The widest product range on the market
  •  A modern production plant
  •  Standard services as well as specialist skills

Modern buildings require spacers that actively contribute to minimising heat loss through low U-values whilst also ensuring a long lifetime for the windows.This is why our spacers are created with a design and a quality that assists everyone, from architects and contractors to end users, towards getting a perfect result, from the planning phase to day-to-day use. 

We believe in the value of genuine partnerships and are constantly striving to live up to the trust shown to us by our large customer base.


Welcome to ROLLTECH: 

the world's leading producer of 

spacers for the glass industry, 

and your supplier of advice, 

information and the right solution

to match precisely your needs.


When PSI value is the most important task.


ROLLTECH A/S is a member of Building Supply. For further information, visit the website: www.buildingsupply.dk




Calculate the U-value of your project quickly and simply. The calculator covers standard frames in all sizes with ROLLTECH spacers and uses BF and EN 10077 standards. You can use the following link to calculate PSI-values:


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DK-9800 Hjørring
Tel.: +45 96 23 33 43
Telefax: +45 96 23 33 11
E-mail: info@rolltech.dk

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SE-number (export): DK 23 16 38 53
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