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Warm edge with optimal capabilities


CHROMATECH plus is made from stainless steel and gives you optimal design and thought-out geometry.


The characteristic appearance of the spacer is visible proof of its warm edge, and the spacer delivers an extremely high level of stability and flexible manufacturing options, for example on automatic bending machines.


CHROMATECH plus gives users significantly less heat loss, thanks to the low thermal conductivity and reduced wall thickness. You can achieve 30-50% less heat loss at the edge of the window, and when the internal surface temperature becomes 1-2ºC higher than normal, you minimise condensation and help prevent the resulting damage to the window frame.


The spacer is delivered in glossy or black painted finish, but we can produce the visible surface, the flanges and the top 2 mm of the butyl side in RAL and NCS colours as desired.


The unbending facts

  • 7 mm warm edge spacer with 0.15 mm stainless steel with slots for light refraction, easier manufacture and stability for large frames and quadruple glazing
  • 30-50% less heat loss at the edges
  • 1-2ºC higher surface temperature on the inside of the glass


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When PSI value is the most important task.


ROLLTECH A/S is a member of Building Supply. For further information, visit the website: www.buildingsupply.dk




Calculate the U-value of your project quickly and simply. The calculator covers standard frames in all sizes with ROLLTECH spacers and uses BF and EN 10077 standards. You can use the following link to calculate PSI-values:


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