At ROLLTECH, we have always believed that thinking green is good business.

This applies not only to our customers but also to our employees and to the environment.

We attach great importance to the environment both inside and outside the company, which we express in several ways:

  • No environmentally hazardous waste is generated in the production of our spacers
  • All waste products are melted down and recycled
  • Alcohol used as a lubricant is evaporated, distilled and recycled
  • When we choose new methods and technologies, consideration for the environment is an integrated part of the decision process
  • All customer information is sent by email, thus reducing paper and transport use
  • We strive towards a good and healthy working environment, where we all take responsibility for each other

In the years to come, all of us in the insulating glass industry will experience even stricter environmental requirements and a growing demand from users for environmentally-friendly materials and solutions.

Arm yourself for this challenge with a partnership with ROLLTECH.



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Our surroundings

Below please find pictures of our premises and the machines that we are working with every day.

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About Rolltech A/S

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