The ROLLTECH original

CHROMATECH is the traditional 6.5 mm warm edge spacer in 0.18 mm stainless steel.

A classic spacer, which resembles an aluminium spacer in shape and appearance and can be bent in most bending machines for stainless steel.

With CHROMATECH, you get the thermal benefits without having to miss out on familiar and optimum production methods.

You will achieve 25-40% less heat loss at the edge of the window as a direct result of a lower heat transfer coefficient and a reduction in thickness - helping keep down heating costs and benefiting the environment.

CHROMATECH is created for use with corner keys, as well as production in automatic bending machines.

We are happy to paint the visible surface, flanges and the uppermost 2 mm of the butyl side in whichever RAL and NCS colours you desire.

The unbending facts

  • 6.5 mm warm edge spacer - available in widths from 8-24 mm
  • 0.18 mm stainless steel
  • 20-40% less heat loss
  • We also stock corner keys, model corner keys and connectors



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