Many customers have been using us as their main supplier of spacers since we started out

back in 1986.

This is primarily down to our hard work in supplying products of a consistently high quality: because ultimately, the quality of the spacers is crucial for day-to-day work and a long-lasting result.

Our committed and expert staff, standard procedures and statistical process control (SPC) ensure a consistent level of high quality. Our employees are responsible for the development and production of spacers that help simplify our customers' working methods and save time and resources – ensuring you the right solution for each and every task.

The visible proof of our work with quality is the fact that we have been DS/EN ISO 9002 certified

since 1994. In 2000, our certification was extended to cover development activities in accordance

with ISO 9001.

We are constantly working at developing our product portfolio and processes, so ROLLTECH will continue to be your preferred quality supplier in the future, as well as an expert and responsible partner for the entire insulating glass industry.

If you wish, we can supply documentation and certification for all deliveries.



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Our surroundings

Below please find pictures of our premises and the machines that we are working with every day.

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About Rolltech A/S

Welcome to ROLLTECH:

the world's leading producer of

spacers for the glass industry,

and your supplier of advice,

information and the right solution

to match precisely your needs.

We are part of GLASS ALLIANCE

​– the world's largest supplier of spacers and window sealant for the insulating glass industry – together with Fenzi and our parent company, Alu-Pro.

This is your guarantee of a total supplier with complete know-how, experience and knowledge of current developments.

Contact us

​Johs. E. Rasmussens Vej 12

DK-9800 Hjørring


SE-nummer (eksport):DK 23163853

SEnummer (import):DK 78322519

Phone: +45 96 23 33 43

E-mail: info@rolltech.dk